The two-year full-time residential Masters Program in Rural Management of School of Rural Management is the second-oldest in the country. It has evolved in response to the demand for professionals with the knowledge and expertise to work in Rural communities and markets, in businesses as well as the development programs of government and civil society organizations. Its unique feature is the dual competencies – In rural development & management course. The Program is designed to create professionals with the expertise to run business and development organizations, and the passion to use their capabilities for the betterment of Rural Communities. This unique program is proud of preparing committed and competent leaders who can analyze, reflect, plan and execute Sustainable Development strategies in rural areas.



XIM University views research as an activity where our core institutional values are expressed clearly. At XIM University we recognize the need to participate in the global academic environment through high quality publications. At the same time, research at XIM University is also driven by the need to engage with specific clients and user groups, in accordance with our vision and values.


The Doctoral Program (Ph.D) is intended to prepare the participants for research and teaching positions both within and outside academia. Our doctoral scholars are expected to be specialists in their respective fields and capable of generating new knowledge and be the great new thinkers for our world. The program draws upon Indian and global experience in doctoral education.