Rural Managers Association of School of RM

The Rural Managers’ Association of School of RM (RMAX) is a recognized student body of XIM University. Our inception dates back to the year 2001 when a few students studying rural management at Xavier Institute of Management Bhubaneswar (XIMB) started an informal group for some functional activities relating to rural management. In the year 2004 we became a recognized student body at Xavier Institute of Management Bhubaneswar (XIMB). From then RMAX has never looked back and constantly worked on its vision of “Learning by doing and Learning beyond the books”.

With the passage of time it has grown with the growth of XIMB. When the XIM University was established in the year 2013, the rural management area of XIMB got its new identity as an independent school named as School of Rural Management. Since then the Rural Managers’ Association of XIMB renamed itself to Rural Managers’ Association of School of RM. But the name RMAX remained same even after the rebranding in 2014. Team RMAX has always tried to keep the legacy intact set by the founding fathers of RMAX.

Rural Research and Analysis Committee

Rural Research and Analysis Committee (RRAC) is an independent student-led research collaborative, which strives to apply social research to inform rural management and development. Primarily, we analyze the data generated by the students of School of Rural Management from different locations across the country during their Rural Living and Learning Experience (RLLE) – a 45 day unique stay-and-learn initiative by the university. Broadly, we aim to offer research-based inputs to different stakeholders working on rural and developmental issues throughout the country. 

The committee is a collaborative effort of the students, faculty members and administration of School of RM to realize the broader idea of a platform that offers insights on rural India by building on the research conducted by the students of School of RM. Currently, the committee is working on preparing a repository of several original research outputs, encompassing a wide range of topics relevant to rural India.

Our areas of work and expertise include:

For documentation and dissemination, we have an independent website, which in itself is a repository for the original papers produced by the students of Rural Management. Kindly visit the website through the link for further information. Also, the links of some of the previous achievements of the committee are given below:


In June 2019, the Xavier School of Rural Management hosted Mr Himanshu Rai and Mr Ranjan Kumar Mohanty, for the first Industry Connect Talk. The first edition of Safarnama’19 was special as we invited Mr Sibasis Das and Ms Anjali Sood, our alumni from the 2017-19 batch. Mr Das is the Director at Blitzkrieg Ventures Pvt. Ltd. Ms Sood is a young professional working at the Odisha Rural Development and Marketing Society (ORMAS). XSRM also hosted Mr Arnab Gazi, CEO, B3B Real Estate, an alumnus from the 2001-03 batch, for the 2nd Chapter of the Industry Connect Talk Series for the 2019-21 batch. 

Like every year, the RM Alumni Committee put up the Dighir Ganguly Memorial Stall in ‘Gramostava’ in fond memory of our alumni the Late Dighir Ganguly. This time, the theme of the booth was ‘Ama Gaan, Ama Subidha, ‘ which was in line with this year’s Gramostava theme. The committee also conducted its rural leadership summit, ‘XpectRM’, at the Xavier City Campus. The theme for the session was, ‘Indian Economic Slowdown and Rural Scenario.’ Industry stalwarts like Ms Neelima Burra, VP, Marketing HP, Mrs Itishree Kanungo, and Mr Prakash Panda, NABARD, to name a few, graced the summit with their presence.

Alumni committee

A committee devoted to creating opportunities for Alumni and alma mater to connect and to serve the alumni for the betterment of the institution as a whole, RM Alumni Committee encompasses the RM fraternity and prides in the diverse network it has created over the course of 24 years from birth of rural management in the institution. The various events that it conducts in order to achieve its goals are namely: Alumni Meet, Industry Connect Series, ‘Safarnama’ and ‘XpectRM’: the Annual Rural Leadership Summit. A ‘Dighir Ganguly Memorial Stall’ is set up during Gramotsava in the fond memory of our Alumni Late Dighir Ganguly. The committee publishes the annual magazine: ‘Alohomora’ and ‘Pratibimb’ – the yearbook for the graduating batch.

Annual Magazine Published:

‘Alohomora’ – the annual magazine by RM Alumni Committee is inspired by the concept of unlocking the potential and thoughts of the students and alumni. The aim is to connect the students and the alumni through the written word. This magazine is a creative outlet for the current batch and for the Alumni alike. It is a medium of sharing ideas and building networks.